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Large-field EMF protection is needed due to the growth in 5G and the power grid

The Geofield Ag Conditioner protects crops and livestock by simply and completely conditioning harmful, man-made electromagnetic radiation

Dairy Farmers across America showing real results

EMF stress is known to reduce fertility, tighten utters, increase inflammation and decrease overall health.
The Geofield Conditioner by Essential Energy creates an environment free of EMF stress, and farmers are seeing issues disappear.

Will Winter, DVM, talks about how the Geofield Ag Conditioner solves the danger of EMF on farms on the Working Cows Podcast with Clay Conry

EMF suppresses plants, pollinators and livestock production.

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John Wood, grass-fed cattle pioneer, shares why he trusts Geofield to mitigate EMF.

"Really good evidence we have improved [cattle, forage and soy bean production] dramatically this year."


The Proven Harmful Effects of EMF

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Reduced Oxygenation

EMF polarizes the oxygen molecule, making it less readily available, reducing cellular respiration efficiency and may impact root development. 

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Cellular Disruption

Stress caused by EMF on cellular membranes stunts plant growth, claims University research 

View paper


Stress & Disease

Plants are experiencing an intolerance to the massive influx of harmful EMF, leading to stress-related disease and fragility.


Geofield mitigates EMF and delivers real benefits to your farm.

Crops and livestock love being free from EMF stress and you'll continue to enjoy the zero-impact on performance of cell phones, GPS and all forms of wireless technology.

Significant yield increases across multiple crop types, climates and conditions.

Accelerated livestock weight gain.

Improved drought and pest resistance. 

Protects and supports crops, soil and livestock.

Also available for personal use

The power and benefits of the Ag Conditioner harnessed for people and homes. 


With more than 6,000 low-orbit 5G satellites already in operation and electrodensity increasing with more ground-based wireless technology...

It's Time to Protect Against EMF

One site visit is included with your purchase to inspect and verify the setup is correct.

If you're not protected, you're losing production.

Infographic Geofield EMF Protection Farms

EMF Safe farms gain a significant advantage as they lead the next revolution in farming sustainably and regeneratively. Thousands of peer-reviewed research papers tell us power lines, 4G and 5G cell towers, doppler radar, and the growing number of low-orbit satellites emit artificial electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) harmful to soil microbes, plants and livestock.


This radiation is an assault on plants and livestock at the cellular level leading to a host of diseases and reduced production. Likely, you've noticed you're in a fight to retain yearly production numbers over the past decade as cell towers have cluttered even the most rural areas.

Geofield provides the only large area solution to make your farm EMF SAFE, protected from the effects of harmful EMF. 

Remediating the affects of EMF leads to yield increases and gains because plants and livestock have higher vitality and resilience.  


 Cell Tower Radiation Simulation 


How the Geofield Ag Series Conditioner Works

The Geofield Ag Series Conditioner is a subtle energy technology. The energy emitted from the ASC is of a very low intensity, yet there are measurable physical responses in soil, crops and livestock. The ASC restores appropriate levels of oxygenation, reduces the EMF stress response and supports a stronger immune system.

Within the conditioned field produced by the ASC, the radiation created by 3G/4G/5G wireless signals, power lines, radar and microwaves is harmonized.


This is great news, because with over 400,000 active cell towers in the US, farms using the Geofield ASC are protected. Protection means major productivity gains across their entire farm operation.

How It Works
The Technology

I've been growing corn silage for my dairy cows for 30 years on this land. I average 267 bu/acre.

The first year with Geofield ASC I grew 356 bu/acre - a 27% increase - simply astonishing.  And my cows loved it! It lasted 18 months instead of the expected 12 months.

I'm now in my 3rd year with Geofield tech on my farm and I continue to average above 350 bu/acre.

I'm very satisfied with Geofield.

Greg Fleming, Operations Manager on a 300 head dairy farm

holstein dairy cows benefit from Ag Conditioner.jpg

With the Geofield Ag Conditioner, in 6 weeks I saw our Holsteins more relaxed and producing 8 lbs more milk per cow.

Only regret I didn't start sooner.

Michael, dairy farmer

Western Australia dry wheat farmers typically harvest 3.5 tons/hectare (52 bu/acre) and in a good year maybe 5 tons/hectare (74 bu/acre).

In 2020 farmers using the GSC saw 8 tons/hectare (118 bu/ac). 

That's a 60% increase. 

Western Australia dry wheat farmers


The Geofield Systems™ Ag Conditioner

GFS Ag-Series Buildout.jpg

The Ag-Series Conditioner is installed on the farm inside a climate-controlled shed and operates hassle-free year round.


We're continually advancing the product with major upgrades about every 18 months to stay on top of the growing electromagnetic density.


Lessee's receive upgrades as they are released.

Geofield Systems™ are the most effective subtle energy technology available today.

Contact us to learn more.

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