Boost production in crops and livestock with Beneficial Field Technology

Our Beneficial Field Technology reduces harmful stress from artificial electromagnetic frequencies on plants and animals.

Why Farms Need Protection From EMF

Science tells us power lines, cell towers, radar, IoT sensors and power transformers emit artificial electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). This radiation is an assault on plants and livestock at the cellular level leading to a host of diseases and reduced production. Likely, you've noticed this over the past decade as cell towers have cluttered even the most rural areas.

Geofield provides the only large area solution to address this issue and help your entire farm refocus on healthy growth.

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The benefits of Geofield on your farm

Remove stress from EMF and stray energy

Plant temperature, an indicator of stress, is decreased by 1-2°C


Increased water absorption into cells


Improved drought and pest resistance 

Yield increases of 20% or more


The Proven Harmful Effects of EMF

Oxygen Deficiency

EMF polarizes the oxygen molecule, making it less readily available, reducing cellular respiration efficiency and may impact root development. 

Cellular Disruption

Stress caused by EMF on cellular membranes stunts plant growth, claims University research 

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Stress & Disease

Plants are experiencing an intolerance to the massive influx of EMR technology, leading to stress-related disease and fragility.

Geofield SystemsCustomer Stories

Harvest Customer Update, November 2019: 
"After working with Geofield Systems™, we saw a 29% year-over-year increase (from 3,500 lbs to 4,500 lbs) in dry yield using the same clones, which had more buds per plant."
- Brandon Scales, Owner of Oregon Biomass LLC

How Geofield Systems™ Works

Our products condition the radiation created by modern technology so they are bio-compatible, including radiation from 3G/4G/5G wireless signals, radar and microwaves. With over 400,000 active cell towers in the US, farms are experiencing major production and nutrition challenges due to stress on cells from EMF radiation, the unseen crisis. Geofield Systems clears EMF stress allowing crop and livestock health to be restored to pre-1980's levels.


 Cell Tower Radiation Simulation 

The Geofield Farming System™

The Ag-Series Conditioner is installed on the farm inside a climate-controlled shed so it can remain onsite, undisturbed year-round.  

We're continually advancing the product with major upgrades about every 18 months. We will provide lessees with the latest version of the conditioner as new enhancements are released to combat the ever-growing density of EMF. 

Geofield Systems™ are the most effective subtle energy technology available today.

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