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  • How does Geofield work?
    Geofield Systems works by using subtle energy in the form of photonic harmonics to create a clean electromagnetic (EMF) environment, removing EMF stress from the cell. This allows livestock, plants and soil biome on your farm to put energy towards growth and resilience instead of fighting the unnatural stress caused by EMF.
  • Have these products been tested?
    Yes! We have over 30 years of R&D and production with these prodcuts. Testing has been done across a broad range of agriculture, including pine trees, citrus, corn, industrial hemp, lettuce, grass (foliage), soil biome, bees, dairy and beef cows, chickens and fish. By increasing the stability of oxygen through our photonic harmonic technology, biological sytstems experience less stress and focus on growth and health. We're currently in the middle of a couple exciting studies: 1) Bee health and vitality on a permaculture farm in Washington State. 2) Yield acceleration study with the University of Missouri. This is a multi-year study on yield acceleration in corn and beans with soil studies planned for future years. We're in discussions with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce Agriculture, and Fisheries in Jamaica to begin a multi-year study.
  • How effective is Geofield Systems?
    Geofield Systems has proven effective across various topographies and weather conditions. Documented results range from 14% to 29%. Some farmers have seen biomass increase 50% year-over-year in drought conditions. In greenhouses, we saw Mesculin lettuce grow 18% faster and, based on the greenhouses own employees blind taste tests with the control, was sweeter and preferred taste. We've seen oranges nearly 40% larger with deeper orange rind and juicier flesh. In a study that is in it's 7th year, Hoop Pine trees known to grow consistently 12" per year, experienced growth ranging from 5-15 feet each year. That's significant!
  • Which crops or livestock see the best response?
    There really isn't a clear winner on this. Each crop or livestock deals with EMF stress in their own way, so when they are free from that stress they respond uniquely. Dairy cattle will produce more milk, trees will grow taller and wider, industrial hemp will produce more buds and oil, citrus will grow larger. Many will also become more resilient to harsh weather conditions and pests, making the management easier and less expensive.
  • What's the life expectancy of the products?
    Geofield Systems products are very durable and are installed inside a climate-controlled shed. The stainless steel plates are treated through our proprietary process and will never lose their resonant harmonics. The wood shed, climate control equipment and stand may need to be swapped out 5-10 years due to their nature lifespan, but our products will last a lifetime.
  • Why are these only offered by a lease?
    There are a few reasons for this: 1) We are continunally advancing the technology. When we develop new upgrades that dramatically improve the quality of the product (which may happen every year), we swap out the current product for the new version real-time with the lease. This is very valuable given the density of electosmog is continuing to grow every year. 2) Subtle energy technology has the potential to be snake oil because it's working with unseen energy. As the owner, I believe it's important that I show you I'm invested in your success and that I'm committed to ensuring you achieve the goals. By leasing the equipment, we are saying we believe in the product and will remain engaged with you for your success. 3) We're open to a lease-to-own option which is an option at the end of the first term for farms who wish to take on the responsibility of maintaining and optimizing the performance of the products.
  • What's included in the lease?
    We provide the Geofield Ag Conditioner, a climate-controlled shed, and weather station. All we ask is for a power source for the climate-control system and weather station. If no power source is available, we will include a solar system. We also include upgrades for the life of the lease, installation and calibration, two annual service visits and a priority hotline.
  • What's the Total-Cost-of-Ownership?
    Given the plants, soil and animals are healthier when not experiencing EMF stress we see ROI calculations from both seeing greater outputs but also in reduction of inputs. To walk through an ROI calculation for you and your farm, contact us to discuss more: Or you can use the Value Calculator on the Plans & Pricing page to see how the numbers look.
  • What is the impact of these products on people?
    In fact, people are also effected by EMF stress from modern/wireless technology. When working on your farm, people will also benefit from the clean EMF environment. Because it's subtle energy, the natural response will be to balance.
  • Does this generate frequencies?
    No, this is not a frequency generator so you will not be at risk of over stimulating your crops or livestock or pushing them to hard. Instead, this is a subtle energy technology that use resonant harmonics to naturally allow the environment and ecology to reach quantum coherence and genetic balance.
  • How do I get started?
    You can call our office directly at +1 (833) 723-3363 or purchase online. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Our process is simple: 1) We can answer any additional questions and talk you through the equipment lease 2) Sign the lease and schedule installation 3) Install, calibrate and setup onsite 4) Schedule a follow up visit for 3 months from date of installation If we don't make this process easy to understand and allow you to ask all your questions, we haven't done our job.
  • When is the right time to install a Geofield System?
    The short answer is any time. Your farm is constantly being hit by electromagnetic radiation so your soil, crops and/or livestock are experiencing stress year round. The sooner you give them relief, the sooner they begin to balance and produce for you. Already harvested your crops or about to harvest? Then think about the benefit of improving the soil biome will bring for next season with improving germination and nutrient uptake. Just getting ready to plant? The amount of cell division and biochemistry occuring in the early stages are greatly effected by environmental stressors and electromagnetic stress. Protecting crops (and newborn livestock) at this early stage of their development is critical to ensuring your best potential for the season.
  • Do you sell devices for personal use?
    Yes! The same technology that's used in our Ag Conditioner is available in personal and home protection devices. Visit our store at See you there!
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