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Australian Corn Farm

The Problem

The dairy farm near the Murray Valley region of New South Wales with 350 hectares of Pioneer 1467 corn consistently raises enough feed for one year’s worth of corn to feed the dairy cattle, but there were predictions of a coming severe drought and and they wanted to find new tech that could help protect their corn crop from the heat and water shortage.  In addition to the severe weather, the farm is blanketed by dense electromagnetic fields from high tension power lines and a substation on one corner of the field. Cell towers also cover the area as well as GPS. 

The weather predictions were accurate and the area saw one of the worst droughts in history, with daytime temperatures above 105F with no rain for months. 

Climate zone 4: hot dry summers, cool winters

Soil Type: red brown earth soil

The Solution

A 12-series Geofield Systems Agriculture Conditioner was installed such that the entire field was covered.  Installation took one day, and no additional labor was required as the unit is a stand-alone device.  No changes to protocols or farming standard were made, water was trucked in for flood irrigation.

The Results

24 tons of corn per hectare, an increase from 18 tons. Enough nutritional silage was produced to last 18 months rather than the baseline of 12 months produced by the field over the last 30 years.

Post-harvest soil analysis

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