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Geofield System's Roots

Dan Stachofsky, President, started Geofield Systems to help restore strength to the land.  Geofield's flagship product is a subtle energy technology designed to reduce stress caused by manmade electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) in people, plants and animals, an issue that is quickly becoming the number one existential crisis of our time. Stachofsky was introduced to this technology to help with the health of his family several years ago. Quickly, he realized the purpose was bigger and so, in 2019, he set out to introduce it to farmers across America.

Today’s modern technology, such as mobile phones, base stations, cell towers, Wi-Fi, wind farms, radar and power lines, have so many benefits yet it's being learned they are leading contributors to a massive oversaturation of positive ions in our environment. This is both water-destructuring and oxygen-destabilizing. Both issues suppress the health of crops and livestock if left unconditioned. The proliferation and density of EMF-producing technology is on a skyrocketing pace. 

Geofield Systems subtle energy technology conditions manmade electromagnetic frequencies, protecting crops, livestock and soil from stress caused by a multitude of frequencies that produce a cacophony of EMFs - chaotic, pulsed signals, suppressing growth and productivity - without inhibiting the performance of cell phones, GPS or any other wireless communication technology. 

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Dan, his wife and seven children live in Spokane.