Geofield System's Roots

Essential Energy Solutions, LLC, dba Geofield Systems, is a privately held company located in Spokane, WA. Dan Stachofsky, President, started Essential Energy Solutions on January 1, 2019 to commercialize a technology shown to reduce EMF stress in people, plants and animals, an issue that is quickly becoming the number one crisis of our time.

Today’s modern technology, such as mobile phones, base stations, cell towers, Wi-Fi, low-orbit satellites, radar and power lines, are leading contributors to a massive oversaturation of positive ions in our environment leading to suppressed growth in plants as nature becomes increasing intolerant to electricity and it’s derivatives. 

The Geofield Systems, using this technology, shields plants from over 10,000 frequencies that produce a cacophony of EMFs - chaotic, pulsed signals, suppressing growth and productivity.

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+1 (833) SAFE-EMF (723-3363)

Spokane, WA USA