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About Us

Dan Stachofsky started Geofield Systems to help restore strength to the land.  Geofield's flagship product reduces stress caused by environmental toxins, such as, manmade electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) in people, plants and animals.  This issue is agriculture's number one existential crisis of our time.  Stachofsky is the face of an amazing team of scientists and experts who are behind the quantum energy balancing resonant harmonic technology found in the Ag Conditioner. 

Geofield works direct with farmers and with distributors across America to bring this tech to farmers. Our mission is to find bioenergetic solutions and make them accessible.  With data on over 17 different crops and livestock, our database of results is growing and validating our approach as a clear leader to help farmers increase production by improving their farms bioenergetics.

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Dan, his wife, and seven children live in Spokane.