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"If we listen, nature will speak."

Science has led our innovation from the very beginning.  In 1985 the journey begin to develop a technology that could reverse the effects of neurasthenia in animals and to return crop production to it's pre-Industrial Age glory with natural, light based solutions.

Inspired by Russian and German research in the fields of Ions, Plasmonics and Biophotonics, our inventor applied observational science to perfect our Beneficial Field Technology™

  • Hoop Pines in the Gold Coast area of Australia have grown 5-10 feet per year for the past 7 years, instead of the "normal" rate of 18 inches

  • In the same time off the Gold Coast, sea life has blossomed and in 2019 Blue Whales were seen calving in the rich waters in preference over their typical calving areas by the Great Barrier Reef

  • Plant Stress lab study showed plants that were within the Geofield Beneficial Field consistently reduced in temperature by 1-2°C, showing a reduction in stress. 

  • A  study with Bees showed the Geofield Beneficial Field Technology™ helped a weak hive become strong, healthy and better organized within 30 days compared to the control hive.

  • We are currently undergoing multi-year yield acceleration studies on soy and corn.

  • Improved sap flow within minutes 

  • Improved brix and nutrient balance throughout plants

  • Ongoing studies include impact on livestock gain ratios and insect pressure and drought resistance on crops.

 EMR Research 

 A compliation of third-party articles relating the harmful effects of articial Electro-magnetic Field radiation 

EMF Research

The radio frequency (RF) spectrum is a valuable natural resource facilitating the use of wireless technology which has had a tremendous benefit to society and economies around the world. Where would we be without GPS, cellular phones, satellites and Doppler radar? Yet, as the demand for this technology as grown by both consumers and business alike, experts have found major consequences impacting the health and nutrient density within our soil and plants.  


Here is a selection of papers, articles and books on the problem of EMF pollution:

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