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WATCH: AGA Product Profile on Geofield Ag Conditioner and Essential Energy's personal EMF protection

I'm thrilled to have the American Grassfed Association profile the Geofield Ag Conditioner and our Essential Energy personal EMF protection devices in this episode of their Product Profile series.

Geofield provides the world's first (and only?) solution to mitigate EMF Stress across an entire farm operation, allowing high quality food to be produced in an EMF-protected environment. This is a game changer and opens up a lot of possibilities.

In the interview we discuss the known harmful effects of EMF on people, plants and animals. The danger extends to pollinators and the soil microbiome.

The Ag Conditioner's unique capability for protected a large area (100's to thousands of acres) from EMF stress sets it apart and earns a consideration as a vital component to farm operations surrounded by modern telecommunications and technology.

I hope you enjoy the interview. Contact us to learn more:

Watch the interview here:

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