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Will Winter, DVM - Mitigating EMF on your farm

Clay Conry at Working Cows Podcast interviewed Will Winter, DVM about the dangers of 5G and EMF on farms. Will goes into detail on how EMF effects livestock and how Geofield's Ag Conditioner helps protect and enhance the entire farm ecosystem. If you're struggling with livestock health or overall farm health, this is a must-listen-to interview.

What are the dangers? View this infographic to see a small representation of the research that exists. Geofields Ag Conditioner harmonizes the chaotic energy (photons) from the sources of EMF (wifi, cell towers, 5G satellites, radar, etc) to produce a balanced and coherent field where people, plants, pollinators and animals thrive. With quantum mechanics, our Ag Conditioner acts like a tuning fork that tunes the non-native EMF from harmful frequencies to beneficial. Instead of hearing a cacophony of clanging cymbals, your plants and animals hear a beautiful orchestra of energy that raises their general vitality and production.

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