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Veteran Arborist Impressed with Conditioner's Effect on Tree

We've seen Hoop Pines in Brisbane, Australia have rapid growth from the Dept of Ag standard 12-18" per year to upwards of 15 feet in a single year, and white pines in the Pacific Northwest go from 6-10" per year to 5 feet per year in growth, but now we have video from a veteran arborist explaining how you can read history from the rings of a tree, showing direct evidence of this effect. Reynolds has performed tree services across the western US and just recently removed a 110 year old pine tree from the front yard of a house where an Ag Conditioner has been installed for the past 5 years.

Listen to him explain the impact:

Regarding the trees in Brisbane, here's the picture:

I calculated current Weight of CO2 produced in these tree over the approx. 15 year lifespan and compared it to the expected weight of CO2 based on Dep of Ag growth rates. The Dept of Ag says Hoop Pines grow a consistent 12-18” per year and put out a new single set of branches each year. As you can see in the picture, it’s clear these trees are growing much more than 18” per year (look at the tree in the background with that huge growth spurt!). The Geofield Ag Conditioner was set up near these trees 5 years prior to this picture being taken 2 years ago, and by counting the rows of branches you can see that’s when the growth spurts began.

That’s a significant difference.

That said, it could have even larger impacts because trees sequester the most carbon when they are young. In these trees, they are clearly bucking that norm due to the rapid growth over the past few years.

The key is the balanced environment created by the Ag Conditioner. The device is not a generator - it does not stimulate growth - it is a conditioner and thus balances the ecosystem. It appears these trees have far greater potential then previously thought.

To learn more, contact us at contact at or 833-723-3363.

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