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Video: Introduction to Geofield Ag Conditioner

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

I discuss the Geofield Ag Conditioner with my long time colleague John Third. We delve into why it's needed, how it's used and what it is. You should come away with a good understanding of the value of the product from this discussion.

John Third is a trained Agronomist residing in New Zealand. He's been working with the tech behind Geofield for over a decade and seen amazing results on the farms and agronomy he oversees. The Ag Conditioner goes straight after the disruptive energy forces affecting our plants, soil and animals today. From non-native electromagnetic fields to various pollutants that create challenges for plants to thrive, the subtle energy device is engineered to condition these sources and boost vitality in plants.

The result? Accelerated yields, resistance to disease and pest pressure, higher quality and regeneration of soils.

Contact us for more information at 833-SAFE-EMF (833-723-3363) or

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