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What is the Geofield Ag Conditioner?

Geofield Systems™ Ag Conditioner,, enhances bioenergetics

within crops, trees, soil, and livestock due to our Beneficial Field Technology – a groundbreaking full-spectrum, nano-terrain level technology with the ability to cover several thousand acres of land and protect against the harmful stress caused by radiation from Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). Plants and animals immediately realize an increase in oxygen efficiency.

Our technology balances biological systems and conditions non-native stressors, such as electromagnetic radiation produced by modern wireless technologies, power lines, and wind farms, resulting in increased farm production: yield and quality gains in crops and trees, and healthy weight gain and milk production in livestock, increased brix readings in citrus, crops, berries, to name a few.

Geofield exists because we have a serious problem effecting the entire planet. This problem is universally suppressing agricultural production and reduce the efficacy of almost all current farm practices. Cell towers, wind farms, power lines and satellite communications require alternative current electricity that produces high amounts of harmful radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMF), commonly referred to as electrosmog or electrodensity. The polarizing nature of this energy stimulates stress and triggers biological and health effects. Manmade, artificial EMF stunts the health of our crops, plants, trees, and livestock. Geofield Systems™ balances the environment at the sub-atomic level, removing the effects of artificial EMF. The resulting, balanced environment, allows for increases in agriculture production across the entire ecosystem.


Electrosmog covers nearly 90% of the world. This suppressive “cloud” of bad energy causes stress on the cell membranes of plants, suppressing growth and reducing resilience.

· Artificial EMF interrupts and degrades essential biochemical reactions directly correlating to lost productivity and poor soil.

· Dr. Martin Pall of Washington State University has definitively shown how EMF affects the cellular membranes and increases free radicals leading to degenerative diseases and stunting healthy growth. (in humans: link, in plants:link)

· In the 1980’s, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp showed plants communicate using natural electromagnetic energy (biophotons) but this energy can become incoherent when exposed to artificial EMF. As the biophotonic energy degrades, the health of the soil and plant degrades. Watch his interview from Popp on Youtube.

· The International Journal of Forestry Research published research by Katie Haggerty in 2010 that EMF was contributing to Aspen tree death. Many drew the logical conclusion the results are the same across the plant kingdom. See evidence of the Ag Conditioner on a Pine tree in this video.


Our Beneficial Field Technology conditions (balances) chaotic electromagnetic fields in space with counter resonance harmonic fields which block EMF effects on plants and animals by increasing resonance at the atomic level. Through a proprietary process involving a plasma treatment, thousands of harmonic fields are embedded into specially sourced 316 stainless steel plates. Using the nonlinear aspect of light, the embedded harmonic fields are transferred to photons as they interact and remit off the surface of the plates. These photons increase in coherence and carry the conditioning effect to the sources of EMF and to the living organisms, providing both protection and benefit.

The results correlate strongly to the degree EMF inhibits plant and livestock growth. With the EMF stress response removed, plants and livestock exhibit healthier, balanced energy for growth and resilience.

Deployments are simple and straightforward. Specifications for housing the Conditioner involve securing a 5 foot by 5 foot square area in a climate controlled shed or building, free of magnetic fields and protected from being moved.

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