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How to Protect your Farmland from Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) happen wherever electrical energy is used. This can be in our homes with devices such as microwaves, mobile phones, televisions and computers, or it can be in the workplace with electronic devices such as medical equipment, radio broadcasting and telephones.

EMFs can also greatly affect our land, water, plants, trees and livestock – anything living on our planet – due to the stress EMFs cause. There is an abundance of research that tells us EMFs are changing our land and livestock at a cellular and DNA level. Arthur Firstenburg provides an must-read, eye-opening history of the electrification of the world over the past 250+ years in his book The Invisible Rainbow (available for purchase from Geofield). EMF stress is leading to an increase in disease and poor health. For farms that rely on having healthy land, water and livestock this can be a real problem.

Symptoms of EMF exposure include:

  • Reduced milk production, increase in cancers and disease and altered pregnancy patterns in livestock

  • Reduced worm count and lower oxygen levels in the soil

  • Unbalanced PH levels and algae blooms in water

  • Reduced egg laying, reduced honey storing and weakened immune systems in pollinators such as bees

  • Increase in disease, poor growth and altered germination in plants and trees.

Having a farm safe from EMF stress can give you a significant advantage and can help to keep your land and livestock healthy. So, how can you protect your farm from EMFs? Geofield Systems aims to reduce the stress caused by environmental toxins (EMFs) using a proprietary process we call Active Bio-Terrain Harmonization embedded in the Geofield Ag Conditioner.

The Ag Conditioner emits a coherent field of very low intensity photonic energy, helping to restore proper enzyme activity, sap flow, and photosynthesis function in plants, and enzyme activity and blood-oxygen saturation in animals. Protecting from EMF stress supports a stronger immune system and improved cellular function. This coherent field of photonic energy can completely harmonize EMF radiation caused by power lines, microwaves, radio waves, radar and 3G/4G/5G wireless signals.

The benefits of an EMF safe farm:

  • Higher yield of crops and plant growth

  • Improved nutrient density

  • Increased grass and soil vitality

  • Healthy livestock and poultry

  • Reduction in diseases and sickness

  • Improved drought and pest resistance

  • Increased oxygenation

By applying coherent bioenergetics to your farm with the Geofield Ag Conditioner and making your farm EMF safe, you will rest assured that your farm is protected from EMF stress and reap the rewards in the years to come.

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