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Geofield: An alternative to high fertilizer prices

With the news of fertilizer prices skyrocketing this year leaving farmers around the world with few options but to reduce their fertilizer inputs despite the near-certain risks of lowered yields, farmers are anxious to stabilize their yield production. Geofield's system provides a way forward to help these farmers.

The Geofield Ag Conditioner is a device with a 40 year history of benefiting farmers. Using bio-enhancing resonant light harmonics, Geofield protects whole farm ecosystems (crops, soil, pollinators, and livestock) from the suppressive forces of radiation from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). EMF reduces photosynthesis by around 30%, reduces crop growth and health, reduces dairy cow production, and reduces daily weight gain in cattle.

Farmers using the Geofield system have seen crop yields increase significantly (10%-20%+) and livestock increase daily weight gains (+/- 25%) and dairy outputs (+/-30%). Pollinator and soil microbiology have also increased year over year. The balanced environment within Geofield's beneficial field protects against EMF stress and helps return the farm to a more functional state. We're supporting farmers at the foundational layer of their farm to give them an edge and deliver yield stability and increase.

With farmers looking for alternatives to boosting production, the Ag Conditioner should be looked at seriously by all producers. This technology is low maintenance, doesn't require any labor and can be set up on your farm within one month. This means you can make an impact this year without any changes to protocols.

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