Geofield Agriculture for Co-Ops and Associations

Geofield Agriculture for Co-Ops and Associations


Group buy: 25% off the standard setup fee per conditioner when ordering 10 or more. 

Farmers can experience increased crop health and improved carbon draw down with Geofield Systems Agriculture Conditioner. 

  • Farms less than 150 acres: $11,250
  • Farms more than 150 acres: $18,750


Monthly lease amount: $28/acre/month with the signing of a 36 month lease.


  • Money-back Guarantee

    After 12 months buyers are eligble for a 100% refund of the setup fee if they are not satisfied with the results of the Geofield System for Agriculture.

  • Delivery

    units delivered in 4-6 weeks

  • Self-contained

    Units are installed in a self-contained shed to provide security and weather protection.

  • Professional Installation

    Our team of certified installers will ensure the device is setup and calibrated to begin working on day 1.